I currently work as Tech Lead at exnaton. In 2021, I finished my PhD in theoretical physics at Heidelberg University and the University of Southern Denmark in the group of Astrid Eichhorn. Prior to that I studied in physics and information systems at Heidelberg University and the University of Mannheim.
During my studies, I co-founded alumnii, a Software-as-a-Service startup that offers alumni management software to companies and universities.

Selected Projects

The following selected projects are some of the projects that I have worked on in the past or that I am currently working on.

Large networks

We analyzed random walks on real-world networks such as road-networks or biological neural networks.

I wrote a C++ code using the Stanford Network Analysis Project to efficently perform random walks on large networks and extract some of their spectral properties. We compared the resulting spectral properties to those of networks that arise in quantum gravity. For first results see this preprint.
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Causal sets

Causal sets are networks describing the fundamental structure of spacetime. I wrote a code to analyze such networks using MCMC methods.

Causal sets are directed acyclic graphs that describe the fundamental causal structure of spacetime. I wrote a rust code to analyze these networks using Montecarlo-Markov-chain techniques. At present the code reproduces existing results, but hopefully it should also allow to investigate exciting new questions about the role of matter in quantum gravity in the future.
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Quabel is a distraction-free text editor and publishing platform. I built Quabel together with two friends.

We built Quabel as a distraction-free editor that helps you focusing on your text and writing goals. While quabel is no longer operational, you can get an impression and read a review here.


During my PhD I worked on the interface of quantum gravity and cosmology. The following publications are a result of that work. Notice that in theoretical high-energy-physics authors are typically sorted alphabetically.

Towards a Higgs mass determination in asymptotically safe gravity with a dark portal

by Astrid Eichhorn, Martin Pauly, Shouryya Ray

JHEP 10 (2021) 100 and also on the arxiv as arxiv:2107.07949

Constraints on discrete global symmetries in quantum gravity

by Passant Ali, Astrid Eichhorn, Martin Pauly, Michael Scherer

JHEP 05 (2021) 036 and also on the arxiv as arxiv:2012.07868

On the robustness of the primordial power spectrum in renormalized Higgs inflation

by Fedor Bezrukov, Martin Pauly, Javier

JCAP 02 (2018) 040 and also on the arxiv as arxiv:1706.05007


I am always happy to discuss new opportunities or interesting physics. If you want to get in touch just email me.